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AutoworX Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash & Detail Center located in Myrtle Beach SC

Experience the Hand Wash treatment for your vehicle! Located in Myrtle Beach SC our Hand Car Wash is designed for both the car enthusiast & daily driver alike! AutoworX Hand Wash uses a gentle process that eliminates hard brushes or harsh machines. Leaving no scratches, no swirl marks, and always gentle on your paint & exterior. Our Hand Car Wash is just the treat every vehicle deserves.

At AutoworX Hand Car Wash, we use honest ingenuity combined with hard work. Our Hand Car Wash is the only one of it’s kind in Myrtle Beach SC! Born and bred in the USA – we’re always proud of our work. AutoworX is here to serve you & your family with nothing but the very best in gentle Hand Car Wash Services.

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Autoworx Car Wash Myrtle Beach SC

2304 S. Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach SC 29577
(843) 400-3013 | Contact Us

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