Frequently Asked Questions

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As odd as it sounds in today’s ever so automated, electronic, machine driven world… YES, we are a real Hand Car Wash. We absolutely cringe at the idea of automated machines whirling those dirty old brushes at your car at a 100mph. Leaving millions of scratches in your paint while wearing away at your clear coat.

You’d never catch a vintage show car going to one of “those” places… But those vintage show cars do come to AutoworX! For good reason. Our process utilizes the concept of a simple & gentle hand wash, that’ll leave no scratches, doesn’t wear down your paint, and results in a beautifully clean vehicle. Visit AutoworX Hand Wash and see why a hand wash is the best for your vehicle.

Absolutely! We have over 3 decades of experience in washing & detailing vehicles. Your convertible will love you, as we will gently hand wash your convertible, without any damage to your convertible top. In fact, we offer many services to help your convertible top (and paint) last a lot longer (just ask!).

Yes, in fact we are likely the safest & best way to wash if you have a Tesla or EV. Our gentle hand wash is the most non-invasive, non-destructive, friendliest method of washing a Tesla or electric vehicle. We’ve had many Tesla’s and electric hybrid vehicles come through our awesome hand wash – and can assure you that Hand Washing IS the BEST for technologically advanced vehicles.

If you feel that our awesome AutoworX Team has gone above & beyond – please consider leaving a tip! While tips are not mandatory, they are always appreciated & welcomed.

When we say 100% free estimates and quotes – we mean 100% free. As in: absolutely no cost to you what-so-ever. Ok, well maybe just a few minutes of your time as you might have to fill out a form. ๐Ÿ˜› For some services, we might have to take a look at your vehicle. Services like Ceramic Pro require a close up inspection, so expect to perhaps stop by at your leisure (or we can even come to you for your convenience).

Yes, AutoworX is a locally owned / Mom & Pop business! Perhaps it is prudent to say that we have no “Mom”, yet we certainly have a “Pop”. Here’s a short story on how it all began:

AutoworX started as one teenage boy named Mark, detailing vehicles in his parents driveway (way back in the 1980’s). His work excelled & his hometown community took notice. In a very short time, Mark had become well known for an extremely high caliber range of abilities & detailing talents. Overflowing his parents driveway, he graduated into a small shop. That small shop grew, and grew, and as young Mark became a mature adult – he decided to expand into something much larger.

The first incarnation was called “Buff Masters” and was a very successful adventure. But Mark wanted to do more! Hand Washing & Detailing vehicles was just the start. Mark sold Buff Masters, and quickly began work on AutoworX Car Wash & Detail Center(s). It’s now 3 decades since that teenage boy started his adventure into detailing, and we’re proud to say that we are an independent shop supported by the awesome Myrtle Beach SC community.

Yes! The cost of a single Hand Wash is the same as the price of the Wash Club for 1 months time. So… If you wash more than 1 time in a single month, all those washes are FREE. To top it off, you also get the benefit of a VIP lane with a single scan sign in. You’ll be in and out in a flash, while getting the best deal on earth!!!

If you came in on a Monday, ended up going through some mud on Monday evening, and came back on Tuesday morning… We’d be happy to see you again! The Wash Club allows you to come in for a wash whenever your car is dirty. If you are an AutoworX Wash Club member, there is no limit to the amount you can wash. If you needed a wash every few days – so be it! Come on down and get it washed. We are here for you.

Our customers are #1. While we pride ourselves on perfection in very fine details, mistakes can happen (it’s just a fact of life that we hope never happens). If you ever have any issue, problem, concern, question, comment, or just need to speak with us. Please feel free to call (843) 945-9261 & request to speak with the Manager or Contact Us Here.

“But who receives those contact messages” you say!?
When you use our Contact form, the message goes directly to the Store Manager & the company owner.

You are also always welcome to visit us in person, as we are here and ready to help!

Absolutely! If you’d like to see your sweet ride on our site, don’t be shy – just ask! We’re happy to feature your ride and show off our lovely work. Just Contact Us and we’ll be in touch soon.

No appointment necessary! Just bring your vehicle in any time we are open (Monday through Saturday) for a Hand Wash, and you’ll be in and out before the next meme comes out on your favorite social media site (about 15 minutes). ๐Ÿ˜›

If you can drive it, fly it, cruise it or rev it. We can hand wash & detail it! We’re often washing & detailing large vessels, huge boats, exotic craft, even airplanes! Not sure? Just ask! We’re happy to give you a free quote anytime. For boats, airplane, and large craft that can’t come to us – we come to you!

We accept Cash or Credit in-person only. Sorry, we can not accept credit cards over the phone.

AutoworX Myrtle Beach is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM – Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

Please Note: During days of bad or severe weather, we may close down for part of the day or as long as the entire day. If you’re not sure, just give us a call at 843.945.9261 and we’ll let you know our current status.

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